a year ago to the day, the former director of the Villa Medici-Academy of France in Rome, Murielle Mayette, learned abruptly that it was not renewed. Since then, the authority has been unable to appoint someone in his place, making the management of the Villa the symbol of an inability to move forward. There were a few people, including Christophe Leribault, director of the Petit Palais in Paris, to know that they were candidates for the succession of Murielle Mayette. The time having passed, “it is no longer news,” says Christophe Leribault.

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both exhibition space and artist-in-residence, housed in a splendid isolation, the Academy of France in Rome has therefore had to cope without direction. The gossips say that the list of the 16 new residents of the Villa for 2020 was announced a month ago, evidence that the home runs very well without a leader, with his only …

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