Coronavirus attacks all the systems in turn. Described manifestations of infection singer Anita Tsoy, who recently was hospitalized with COVID-19. In an interview with “Moskovsky Komsomolets”, the actress admitted that she even started to have mental problems.

“the Brain is split, and you’re not thinking clearly. Suddenly a psychological attack on a person,” said Choi. According to her, the virus “is constantly trying to find something to cling to: the kidneys, the liver, the pressure, the sugar.”

“These two weeks of illness — just a nightmare,” admitted the singer. She added that at some point I couldn’t breathe without an oxygen mask, and she suddenly began to feel claustrophobic. Choi admitted that at that moment she immediately wanted to be on the street.

the Virus behaves treacherously, “he’s going to investigate”, making first a cough and then “off” smell and taste, she added.

Choi was admitted to hospital on June 30. According to her, she observed a self-imposed isolation and all precautions, and do not understand where could be infected with a coronavirus. The other day, Choi said that he had overcome the infection.

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