In 1858 to its release, Orpheus in the underworld caused an outcry. Openly satirical operetta was an insult to the glorious roman mythology! If the work of Offenbach does shocks us more today, it has kept all its charm and zest. The variety theatre is hosting the 9 and 10 janviers 2019 a new version proposed by the Voices Concert.

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Behind this name amazing is active company lyrical, bringing together some fifteen singers and ten soloists, who recount the loves, eventful Orpheus and Eurydice. In regards to making music accessible voice to a more broad audience, the Voice Concert had to of course tackle the master of the opéra-bouffe.

Aurore Tillac, conductor, will lead his merry troupe of fifteen musicians at the wand. Placed by the direction of the Choir of the Universities of Paris, she is since 2007 head of the Choir of the French Army at the republican Guard. And lieutenant-colonel, as a bonus.

200 years of Jacques Offenbach

this year Is the bicentenary of the birth of Jacques Offenbach. Born in Cologne, Germany, he joined Paris at age 14 to continue his studies of the cello. In the French capital, he helped to establish as one of the operetta, he did not leave almost never the Opera district, the grands boulevards and its theaters.

For one of the Varieties, boulevard Montmartre, an adaptation of the two partitions historical will adapt the orchestral training to the dimensions of the theatre. A place that allows rates less repulsive than those in the large opera houses.

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Orpheus in the underworld, Theatre of Varieties. 7, bd Montmartre (IIe). Tel.: 01 42 33 09 92. Dates: 9 and 10 January 2019, at 20h. Tickets: 18,50€ 50,50€. Duration: 2 hours with intermission.