“Franck Riester, the minister of Culture has failed to come, he loves Nico!”, tells Franck Leboeuf to a friend who has just arrived at the Grevin museum to discover the show that former footballer product: the voice of The voiceless . A single stage moving on to the route of the abbot Peter of and with Nicolas Vitiello. “Everything is true, he is inspired by his writings,” reports the defender who has won the world Cup with the France team in 1998.

Still, with open arms, in costume, Kad Merad welcomes visitors. Already sitting in the theatre, Fabrice Luchini and Charles Aznavour does wobble not. Surprisingly, it lacks the abbot Peter among the wax figures. Kev Adams and Mimi Mathy does not seem to have noticed. Roberto Benigni continues to smile. Frank Leboeuf has invited his close friends. “There is my beautiful family”, does he enthusiastic in welcoming the former international rugby union, Vincent Moscato, the host, Willy Rovelli or the sports journalist Nelson Monfort in the pink shirt.

“This project was born from an affair between friends, resumed the former football player. Nicolas came to me the present to 2016, the show has been played in Avignon and in Paris, he convinced me. I said to him: ‘you have to cheek your whole life!'”.

Sincere and didactic displays of the show. Theatre Grevin

Beret on the skull, and the cape on the back, with the faith deep in the body, Nicolas Vitiello interprets so Henri Grouès, child parent bourgeois valiant and generous became the ardent opponent of social injustice and launched the first Emmaus community in October 1949. The actor conveys the message of the old resistant past by the school of the jesuits: we are on Earth to learn to love.” Act so that everyone has a roof and to eat.

Nicolas Vitiello is also the author of the staging, which sees him move in the middle of cardboard boxes, in turn representing a cross, a house or a podium. The actor seems to be invested with a mission. Through its tribute to the abbé Pierre disappeared in January 2007, he delivers a show sincere and didactic, not devoid of humour given the benefit of Emmaus.

viewers of M6 were discovered Nicolas Vitiello in 2002 in the second season of Posptars , before the cheering from the group Whatfor. In 2014, he had given the replica Franck Leboeuf in a comedy entitled My mother-in-law, my ex and me Bruno Druart and Erwin Zirmi.

the voice of The voiceless , Monday to 21 hours, until 28 October. Theatre Grévin, 10, boulevard Montmartre 75009 Paris. 01 42 64 49 40.