the Movement “Voice” has declared falsification of results of voting on amendments in the Constitution and that from the beginning the procedure is not allowed to reveal the true opinion of the people. In a statement posted on the organization’s website, says that the plebiscite did not meet the “Registered nationwide voting” (“kind of “gradebook” for the rights of voters”).

In the “Voice” said that violations were committed at all stages of organization of voting, and it itself is nothing more than a “PR campaign”, whose goal is not the identification of the free will of citizens, and the formation of the necessary power of the idea about this will. From a legal point of view, the organization of voting has created a number of dangerous precedents, for example, “the most important question of ensuring the rights of citizens to freedom of expression was relegated to the status of departmental instructions.”

the CEC, according to representatives of movement “has gone far beyond the established laws of power”, including organizing early voting is June 25-30. In the “Voice” believes that it “has no legal grounds”. In addition, during the process by the authorities created difficulties for journalists and independent observers, and the CEC actually campaigned for the amendments, although by law he has no such rights. While the opponents of the amendments had no opportunity to acquaint the General population with his arguments.

the very wording of the question on the ballot and vote on all the amendments one “package” does not allow to give a definite answer and are contrary to recognized international standards free expression of will of citizens. There were also numerous cases of coercion to vote. “So, for example, in Yekaterinburg were put a mark on “directions for voting”, in which employers gave to their employees”—said in a statement.

during the plebiscite was observed stuffing, violation of secrecy of voting, the multiple voting and other violations. “The voting was conducted in the conditions of active counteraction of the civil monitoring”, — say the representatives of “Voice”. In their opinion, the monitoring was reduced to profanity.

“the days vote was not crucial. The identification of the free will of the people was impossible from the beginning because of those rules, which were deliberately created by the initiators of the amendments and the organizers of the vote,” concludes the Voice.

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