Awarded five ” Molière, Edmond continues, after nearly 1000 performances, receiving a triumphant welcome in the theatre of the Palais Royal. Its author, Alexis Michalik, just carry the part to the screen. It tells the story of the birth chaotic masterpiece, Edmond Rostand, Cyrano de Bergerac .

By the end of the year 1897, Edmond (Thomas Solivérès) at 29 years of age, he wrote plays in verse, and despite the favour of the great Sarah Bernhardt (Clémentine Célarié), the success is not at the rendezvous. It is at the edge of the depression, out of inspiration and money. It is then that he is offered to write a role for the great Coquelin (Olivier Gourmet). But he will have to go very, very quickly. Neither producers mafia on the edges, neither of the actors seedy, nor the intrigues of the heart, will not stop it.

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A word in criticism: a “whirlwind”. For the writing of Paris , Edmond is both a tourbillon and a very nice tribute to the theatre”. “A story incredibly romantic, the film director Alexis Michalik made a film madly to the rhythm”, she says. Barbara Théate of the Sunday Newspaper is also left to be carried away by the fever of Edmond : “We find at the big screen the whirlwind romance, epic, and energizing, which is the hallmark of Alexis Michalik in the theatre.”

“The actors, all of them tasty, give them flexibility and light-heartedness to the characters caricatured,” continues our colleague Marie-Noëlle Trachant. The cast assembled by Alexis Michalik is beyond reproach, according to Guillemette Odicino to Télérama . The journalist has enjoyed this “comedy virtuoso, carried by a troupe of eclectic and greedy”. The sets are not left out. “Michalik is pleased to reconstitute the Belle Époque, the framework of its plot, with images that are very graphic,” judge Jacky Bornet Culturebox about Edmond .

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For Jean-Claude Raspiengas of The Cross , more than a success, this film is a “funny and moving that unites all hearts.” Alexis Michalik continues to live the crazy story of the swashbuckler spiritual. “The words flow, he wrote, and at the end of the shipment, Edmond button”.