on Tuesday in Stockholm, which opened the trial of A$AP Rocky accused of assaulting a young man in the streets of the Swedish capital on June 30. The first day of hearing, placed under the sign of security, has seen the rapper plead self-defence, and its counsel make videos demonstrating, according to him, is a provocation on the part of the alleged victims. In the room were present the artist’s mother and a man to the status of a particular community.

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Personally invested in the case as evidenced by an exchange of tweet with representatives from the Swedish by Donald Trump advance his pawns. To support Rocky at the hearing, the White House has dispatched its specialist related to the business of hostages abroad, Robert O’brien. “The president asked me to come here and support these american citizens, and we strive to bring them back as quickly as possible,” said O’brien to the AFP.

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A$AP Rocky enjoys the support of the most important of the part of his friends and his fans who claim that there is a “fury” of the justice Swedish and call for his release. A number of elected members of the us Congress have urged Sweden to release the musician and a former u.s. ambassador to Stockholm, Mark Brzezinski, informed mid-July that he had contacted the Swedish ministry of foreign Affairs and the royal house, denouncing the “injustice and racial nature”. A charge swept by the lawyer for the rapper in new york Slobodan Jovicic: Sweden is “not a racist society”, he said in the press conference.