guitarist Pete Townshend announced already at the time of making its wishes for the new year: The Who do chômera not in 2019. In partnership with Live Nation, the singer Roger Daltrey will be joined by his sidekick at the beginning, as well as their musicians on stage for a new tour named “Moving On!” that will begin in may in Michigan. The special feature this time: that of a local orchestra in each city for the refreshment of the securities mythic group.

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“The most important thing that it is necessary that the public realizes, is that the energy and the venom with which The Who play will not be compromised in this tour,” said Daltrey with Rolling Stone . The idea dated back to 1994, but it would have eventually been adopted only at the end of the year 2018. The other big question around this tour with the program to play. A number of titles are studied, such as Time is Passing or Too Much of Anything . Generally in charge of training the setlist, Daltrey puts into perspective: “You can’t please everyone”.

The tour “Moving On!” provides first twelve dates before the summer, and then a resumption from the month of September to occur, particularly in Canada, for a total of twenty-nine concerts. If this tour is not a formal office to say goodbye, the co-founder says it is “realistic” regarding his age: “it is always a mistake to say “farewell”, but it very well might be my last tour. […] The voices start to disappear after a certain time.”

And as if that wasn’t enough, the release of a new album of the group, that occurs for over fifty years, despite the loss of two members in the course of the road, would be scheduled for the end of the year 2019. It took thirteen years to Roger Daltrey and Pete Townshend to come to the end of a new album, the previous one, Endless Wire , dates back already to the year 2006. The opus should consist of a mix of ‘ ballads, dark, stuff, hard rock, experimental electronic music, stuff samplés melodies and cliché very “The Who” which begins with a guitar that makes yanga-dang”, as described by Townshend. The guitarist admits that he insisted that his partner since 1964, agrees to pose in his voice on the instrumentation. “I put my feet in the dish and I said, “Roger, I don’t care whether you like it or not all of it. It is necessary that you sing [these songs]. You love them in ten years.”

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For a europe tour, nothing is sure yet. “We’re old now. We no longer have the look. We have lost the glamour,” admits Daltrey. “All that’s left is the music, and we’ll present it as fresh and powerful as usual”.