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The widow of actor Proskurina evicted from Moscow apartment

The widow of actor Proskurina evicted from Moscow apartment

the Widow of actor Victor Proskurin, who died at the age of 68 years, Irina Honda after the death of her husband forced to leave Moscow apartment, where they lived for 10 years.

a Woman goes back to Saint Petersburg. As reported “MK”, “she was asked promptly to leave her home”, bought Proskurin before the wedding. In this regard, Honda is not designed in this flat, right to it has not.

the Publication suggests that the apartment will go by inheritance one of the children Proskurina. “I collect a box from the store all my life. It’s not easy to be in the house in which I lived for so many years, where every cm of the walls, things “looks” and telling me your memories… Moscow of that period of my life ends,” wrote the wife of an actor in the social network.

In Moscow on 4 July, it was goodbye to actor Victor Proskurin. Widow Irina Honda made that it is public, despite the limitations on the coronavirus. Buried actor on Troekurov cemetery.

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