The widow of the deceased in a fight the resident of Barnaul demanded in the petition to punish the world champion on a kickboxing

On the website there was a petition urging the Investigative Committee to impose the maximum punishment of the murderers of Paul Rohloff in Barnaul.

According to the version of wife of the deceased, a man stood up for a disabled person, which beat the company with the participation of world champion in kickboxing the Lilies Warehousing and boxer Michael Startsev. After that, said the widow, upon her husband the Elders attacked and severely beat that “proves the video”.

“Intervening in a fight, my husband and I, had only one purpose, to stop the beating of a man. We could not pass up,” said the petition Svetlana Rohloff.

She called to deprive Vorogushin all awards and change the status of a witness on the accomplice to the crime.

the sportswoman, meanwhile, claims that the fight was provoked by the man present as the disabled. After that intervened in the conflict Paul and his wife, and the first blow she allegedly struck the wife of the deceased.