The wife of the deceased in a

the wife of the victim in road accident with participation of Mikhail Efremov Sergey Zakharova Irina said that the actor should be responsible for the incident.

according to Cosmopolitan, the deceased is survived by two children, wife and elderly mother. The family came to Moscow from Ryazan.

to give an interview to the widow refuses, however, to the question of punishment for Ephraim, she stated that her husband “was a real person”. “I am definitely going to seek punishment for Mikhail Efremov”, — said Irina Zakharova.

Yefremov staged a “drunk” accident the night before in the center of Moscow. Driving a Jeep Grand Cherokee he drove into the oncoming lane, where it crashed into the van. The injured driver later died in hospital. The examination found that the actor at the time of the accident was drunk.

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