is it really Necessary to make a cheeseburger? 2500 people have already responded that yes, signing a petition, launched on 12 November. They want to prevent the installation of a stand Mcdonald’s at the book fair and the press youth, which will be held in Montreuil from 28 November to 3 December. The organizers have granted to the giant Burger, as in the past year, an area to install a reading workshop, in partnership with the Hachette group. This time, the resistance is tough.

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“Mcdonalds plays an important role in the struggle for cultural democracy,”

Vincent Monadé, president of the National Book Centre

Among the leaders of the fronde, Claude Ponti has written an open letter, addressed directly to the book fair, he attends regularly. Marie Desplechin, François Bon and Kimiko have also affixed their signatures. The author and illustrator begins by recalling the fundamental spirit of the event – which is now in its 34th edition, “You fought back the idea that all children were entitled to the literature, regardless of their practice setting or level of social.” And according to him, to invite the king of fast food, in the temple of literature for young people does not help the youth. “It is encouraging children to visit you to go to a MacDo”.

Associated with Hachette, Mcdonald’s must present at the time of this reading workshop, as part of operation “a book or A toy”, that she has since 2015, at which some forty million books have been distributed in France with menus Happy Meal.

“For some families, the first donation of books is done with Mcdonalds. We don’t want to look it up, judge. The fact that the children come to the salon through this, it is super important.”, says Sylvie Vassallo, director of the event, at Paris . Remains to prove that this justifies the presence of a stand. A child who received a book in a sign of the firm will he more in Montreuil, at the book fair, another?

Mcdonald’s succeeds where the school fails?

Anything that does not sit well with Vincent Monadé, the president of the Centre National du Livre (CNL) – the public body that supports, in particular, the literary events. He commented on the controversy at Livres Hebdo: “since the school does not succeed, he must do everything to ensure that the children are reading. Mcdonald’s plays an important role in the struggle for cultural democracy.” The NLC has a partnership with Mcdonald’s on the operation From in book, by allocating generous subsidies to, for example, to help with the purchase of books to underprivileged children.

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Claude Ponti, himself, opposes all these arguments and storm: “It is not because you give a book that you read.” The opposition of the authors in anger will turn it into a boycott of the annual event of children’s literature?