The bitter WM-failure of the back room-ACE, Julius Kühn moved the loose kick-off of the German handball team in the European championship qualification in the Background, and clouded 73 days prior to the start of the home-final, the anticipation in the DHB-Team.

The 25-Year-old from Bundesliga side MT Melsungen was on Sunday evening when 30:14-victory in Kosovo, a ligament tear and is out, according to his club for at least six months. “This is very bitter for all – for the players, for our club and for the national team,” said Melsungens the Board of management, Axel Geerken on Monday evening.

Bold was in the last season with over 200 hits, the best scorer of the Handball-Bundesliga, and scored in the national team in recent years to the permanent staff. “Julius Kühn will be very important for us with regard to the throwing of violence beyond nine meters. Thus, he attracts the defense,” had the national coach Christian Prokop last week, raised the importance of the Blondschopfs in his world Cup plans. Now he has to look for Alternatives.

Bold is to be operated on Tuesday morning at the injured knee. The world Cup, the German Team at the 10. March in Berlin against a selection of Korean starts, he will only follow as a spectator. Also, Melsungen will miss the massive rear space protect. “With Julius Kühn not only our top scorer, but also an important turning – focal point in the team structure for a longer period of time. This is a real blow to the neck,” said Geerken.

For the DHB selection, this is a setback, especially since Procopius was found after the game, in Kosovo: “In terms of chance of recovery, we still have growth potential.” Because of the success of the crass outsider might have been higher.

Sometimes the pace was lacking, to surprise even a team like that of Kosovo. And Procopius, with a view to the nomination of his provisional world Cup squad on 10 may. December insight have won, he had been to the desolate EM last January: That the German football is currently on a playmaker of world class Format is missing.

“Certainly the knowledge of Christian Prokop is to understand that this was already the case for the past EM a problem position,” said the former national coach Heiner Brand, the German press Agency. The 66-Year-old expresses, therefore, for understanding that Prokop has recently pulled even in the second League-professional Martin Strobel to return to the national team.

Who is the national trainer on 10. December, in his provisional 28-roster for the world Cup, is expected to not only be so exciting. At the latest until the opening match in Berlin, he must reduce his squad on 16 players. Recommend can games its players in three tests: At 12. December in Rostock, Germany, against Poland, at the 4. January in Hannover against the Czech Republic, as well as on the 6. January in Kiel against Argentina. By then, Prokop must know what are the game makers, and Shooters in the right rear room, he wants to trust at the world Cup.