● MGMT – Little Dark Age

Why is it necessary to put in the time MGMT? For the guitar riff in When You Die , which loops back and his side, very psychedelic. Because the Little Dark Age very inspired by the 1980s creates an atmosphere more dark to the New Order. And finally, because the mix of genres in which the group has accustomed us continues here with a third piece at the pace more languid and appeased, Hand it Over . With this fourth album, the Australians have achieved the perfect synthesis between the trips pop and experiments acids of the previous albums.

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● Fire! Chatterton – Fowler

Fowler (Barclay/Universal Music) is even better than the first trial of these five Parisians. Renewing their trust in the producer Samy Osta (collaborator Juniore or Woman), they deliver a score which is very impressive. Barely in their thirties, these boys from different musical cultures (song, rock, jazz or electro) show a rare mastery for all stages: writing, composition, instrumental level, charisma voice… It’s almost unfair to their contemporaries, who are struggling to bring together all these qualities.

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● Beach House – 7

Very impressive, the album entitled 7 is sometimes intimidating by its luxuriance. Some elements appear after several listens. The result is perhaps the greatest success of this training, which has imposed its dense and psychedelic. Timer for handling extreme of the studio, they cultivate the taste of the small imperfections in their music, like the Velvet Underground or the Tonight’s the Night by Neil Young.

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● Arctic Monkeys – Tranquility Base Hotel & Casino

The turning point initiated by the group in 2018, is spectacular. Articulated around the piano, the album sees the guitars that have made the reputation of Arctic Monkeys move to the second plan. At age 32, Alex Turner has, without a doubt judged that a transfer was necessary. By doing this, the young man moves closer to the sound of his other band, Last Shadow Puppets, that he has formed with Miles Kane, and the two albums have been pretty successful. Rock star turned out to be barely out of adolescence, Alex Turner has accumulated enough experience to sound like a veteran of the scene. In any case, as a man who does more.

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● Jorja Smith – Lost & Found

Drake, the king of the streaming person, took him under his wing this young woman, 21 years old, originally from Walsall in the suburbs of Birmingham. If you don’t remember his name, at least remember his face. Jorja Smith is the symbol of the renewal of the soul of the other side of the Channel. The lounge atmosphere of his songs and his powerful voice crystal also remind us of the pioneers of trip-hop Massive Attack, and Portishead as the diva Amy Winehouse.

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● John Coltrane – Both Directions at Once: The Lost Album

Both Directions at Once , recorded with his quartet, magical two years before A Love Supreme , is a gift unheard-of for fans of John Coltrane, 51 years after the death of the jazz musician. You hear the musician in a phase of transition, recording the entirety of these pieces of exceptional deals of a day of march, 1963. Relegated to a drawer, the bands have been found by the family of Naima Coltrane, his first wife. A boon for all lovers of jazz.

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● Jon Hopkins – Singularity

in the footsteps of Brian Eno, Jon Hopkins delivers an album of electronic music melancholic. The london hotel has his weapons at the prestigious royal College of music of the british capital. In Singularity , it’s a mixture of the sub-genres of electronic music (ambient, minimal techno, and even elements of dubstep) to transport the listener into a psychedelic trip. A crossing with the sound of sixty-two minutes in bliss.

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● Parcels – Parcels

These five boys are not lacking in panache. A half-dozen years playing together in multiple projects will have been sufficient to Patrick Hetherington (keyboards), Jules Crommelin (guitar), Noah Hill (bass), Louie Swain (keyboards) and Anatole Serret (battery) to carve a swing impeccable. the twelve pieces in the groove impeccable come to bring a new breath to a disco-pop dying. They revive the flame of the kind, that had been shining so vividly Chic, Giorgio Moroder, or the Bee Gees, and many others in the 1960s and 1970s.

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● Dominique A – The Fragile

Dominica Has seen it big this year to celebrate its 50 years. It did not come out with one, but two albums: discretion in march and The Fragile in October. In these discs, the pioneer of the new French scene was intended to be intimate and close with his audience. After more than twenty years of career, and a dozen studio albums, he is revealed with personal titles, including The time that goes by without me . These albums are among the most powerful of his career, are imbued with an emotion and precision extreme. While discretion is inscribed in a style of electro-pop, The Fragile is more minimalist. A guitar, a few arrangements, and particularly strong words: the recipe for success for Dominique A.

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● Lomepal – Jeannine

Exit the punchlines, the references to the heroes of the skate and the ego-trip of Flip, his first album nominated in the category of “urban music Album” at the Victoires de la musique 2018. With this new project, Antoine Valentinelli book a second disk more personal, in which a spirit of megalomania. Lomepal lies down on the couch and gets naked in The real me . He has “no more tears in the body”. In Too good , he confesses that his own emotions are scaring. It shows off its cracks, and its dreams in Obviously , song to the production impeccable.

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