This Sunday, April, to the great joy of the children, the sea lions whizzing along at full speed under water. In the heat of the greenhouse, Tinus, Herbert, Husar and Kai paddle under a thick layer of lettuce. In manatees, it is that boulottera the more green leaves. At the foot of the Rock, under the anxious eye of his females, Uyuni baboon is upset and blows loudly on a beam. There is no need of binoculars rented for 2 € at the entrance. Of the wolf rhinos, all the animals are visible. In the aisles under the pines, the vegetation is abundant and the workers are dedicated and kind. Everything is clean, well kept. The two-hour walk is even more enjoyable that there was not a great world. This is where the drama of the zoological Park of Paris.

Five years after having been redesigned by the national Museum of natural history with enclosures grouped in five major natural environments, attendance to the park dropped from 1.5 million to 516.000 visitors. Lack of budget to fund …

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