The School for wives

The version of Nicolas Rigas, actor, opera singer and director of the Theatre of the little world, is so original that it mixes the classic Molière a few tunes from Tales of Hoffmann , making a link between Arnolphe and the devils Offenbach, Agnes and the women of the opera (Olympia, Antonia, Giulietta). It works wonderfully, thanks to good distribution and staging removed. The genius of Molière does the rest. “On the side of the beard is the all-powerful”? The author of Precious ridiculous has not waited for the movement #MeToo and Time’s up to take advantage of women.

” At the Théâtre Dejazet, 41 boulevard du Temple (Iiird). From the 1st to the 31st of December.

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Helsingör – the castle of Hamlet

Leonard Matton dreamed of “theatre immersion”, a theatre very practiced in Great Britain and the United States. The “Secret”, a former factory of 1200 m2 in the Ve, no border between the audience and the actors. Divided in several groups, the spectators saunter from room to room, in a labyrinth enchanted the floors strewn with rugs. Several scenes are played simultaneously.

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let’s face it, as soon as the one fell on the superb Hamlet embodied by Gaël Giraudeau, firm voice, and sensitivity, there has been a tendency to follow him. We listen to the words of Shakespeare in the beautiful translation by Jean-Michel Déprats, it wanders. We parked, one has the feeling of really being in the castle of Elsinore. You can sit along the walls. Not fatigue. One hour and twenty-five of emotion.

” The Secret, 18, rue Larrey, Paris (Ve). Up to 31 December.


Cyrano unfolds in a simple environment, elements of mobile wooden, tables, a balcony for oaths, defense for the siege of Arras. The theatre, which can travel, such as the one that practice Lazare Herson-Macarel, in the summer, with the New popular Theatre, that he created with friends as energetic and enthusiastic as him. The troop is united, uniform, galvanized by a director malin, and carried out by a Cyrano older, strong, and nuanced, Eddie Chignara. Music, movement, diction clear, the dozen actor does not miss either a charm or finesse. The show will be oiled over the representations.

” with The Theatre of the Storm, Road of the Field of Manoeuvre, Paris (Xii). Until December 16.

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For their new association, Jean Bellorini and Camille de La Guillonnière hold of In search of lost time the childhood of the author, his relationship with his mother and the mother of his mother. One sometimes has the impression of touching the most secret paths of thought, of sensitivity. Going to the more intimate, the more precise, they are going to be universal. Going to the most unexpected, they make us go through Proust, and lead each one to his own experiences. Very strange “moment”.

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A cascade of withdrawals, in the whole of the work, woven with the memories of the exile of the young Vietnamese Helena, leaving Indochina from 1954 to France. Who is speaking? By her memories, she joined the grandmother of the narrator. On the stage, the musician Jérémy Peret plays live. He has also recorded music, sounds, echoes. Hélène Patarot is a little girl, a priestess, with her voice deaf to the funds tart. At his side, Camille de La Guillonnière, the narrator. Sharp, precise voice, a soft sound, he thinks aloud, remembers. We saw few emotions. You came away like a dream that will not leave you.

” At the Théâtre Gérard-Philipe, 59, boulevard Jules-Guesde, Saint-Denis (93). Until 9 December.

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Talk about something else

What a strange sect can become a class of Terminus-The well welded. A young man is due to the resistance in the middle of a sisterhood of eight girls. They compare their daily lives to tables antique. At an age where one navigates between doubts poignant and certainties steadfast, the rebellion seems to be the only way accepted to adulthood. But do they know against who, against what? Mosanto, Breaking Bad , Goldman Sachs? Once again at the helm of a text choir Léonore Confino, Catherine Schaub makes vibrate the body of the teen’s choreography refreshing. Despite a few blunders, these bits of voices scattered form quickly a beast collective and revolted, which celebrates and bury the youth. The waltz is well led by the talented Elise Louesdon.

” At the Théâtre Tristan Bernard, 64 rue du Rocher (Viii). Up to 31 December.

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Nine terminal L form a peculiar community in “let’s Talk about something else”. Gilles CRAMPS