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Theatre : the ghost of Louis-Ferdinand Céline


Too daunting, the work of Céline? It is a strangeness that persists, the Journey to the end of the night has never made its appearance in the film, yet so quick in adapting any masterpiece. And the Trip , in spite of all the controversy that can feed its author, is unanimously one of the greatest French novels. Transposed to the screen was the dream of Sergio Leone, which had the endorsement of Lucette Destouches – or even of Michel Audiard, who has never hidden his admiration for the author.

The famous writer had even reached an agreement with Jean-Paul Belmondo to embody Bardamu. But the project never saw the day, and “Bébel” – alias Ferdinand in Godard – consoled himself with reciting to Anna Karina, a passage from Guignol’s Band in Pierrot le fou . Ten years after the fact, Michel Audiard, was returning to television on his dream aborted: “Céline, we did not dare. At this level of literature, one could only saloper the blow. One would …

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