Therapist: Two months of self-isolation will not pass unnoticed to the human psyche

People adapt to normal life after release from isolation after two weeks. These are the dates that the TV channel “Saint-Petersburg” called Professor RGPU named after A. I. Herzen, doctor of medical Sciences, psychotherapist Andrey Shangin.

“the Situation is unique to us, much has changed. For a long time we were in the same conditions, despite the abundance of information devices. Sameness, monotony, sensory deprivation, restraints, new feelings — that’s why we want at will, the sun, the green grass,” explains the psychotherapist.

According to him, the isolation was exacerbated people’s fears and anxieties, worsen physical form — in General, without a trace these two months will not pass.

“Gradually, people will enter a phase of new communication. Restore the former connection, however everything will be new, because the people themselves have changed,” says Sangin and said: someone will go back to handshakes and hugs, and someone will continue to keep social distance and after a pandemic.

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what else will have to save the Russians psychotherapists after isolation, read in the material “Rosbalt”.

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