There is a new version of the origin COVID-19

Pathogens of a type of coronavirus “don’t come out of nowhere and not going anywhere”, “they are always here and sometimes something activates”. This version was nominated fellow at the Oxford Centre of evidence-based medicine Professor Tom Jefferson, the newspaper the Daily Telegraph.

According to the scientist SARS-CoV-2, most likely, was not created in a laboratory in Wuhan. This virus is “sleeping”, and “when a certain combination of natural factors woke up.” The trigger could be the density of the world population, or environmental conditions, suggested Jefferson.

He recalled that before the advent of in China, the virus was found in various parts of the world — last spring it was recorded in the sewage of Barcelona, the waters of the Italian cities of Milan and Turin, as well as the Brazilian city of Florianopolis.

Earlier in the who ruled out the origin COVID-19 outside of China.

According to the latest in the world of the coronavirus infected more than 11.6 million people died, more than 538 thousand

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