There was a video of a hard seizure of five children from a family near Orenburg

In the Tulip village of Dombarovsky district, Orenburg region the police and child services took away the father and mother of young children. The seizure took place in a rigid form, video was recorded that the woman used force and put cuffs on her.

In the Orenburg region, the bailiffs and cops forcibly seized from a large family of five children.

the Cause of the emergency condition of the house they recently moved in. The family asked for help from authorities, help was not long in coming.

Aid to large families in Russia looks something like this:

— A. C. A. B. (@MrMaaay) May 30, 2020

the Actions of the officials were interested in prosecution.

it was reported that children took after the father complained to the emergency condition of the house. Officials explained the resettlement of the fact that children now live in hazardous conditions.

the head of the family winter wrote an appeal to Russian President Vladimir Putin, which talked about the fact that local officials denied the family financial assistance, in particular to repair the house.

Informed the father unsuccessfully Obuasi rapids local officials with requests for assistance even shoot a video appeal to Putin:

— A. C. A. B. (@MrMaaay) May 31, 2020

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