A group of american tourists brave the cold wet weather Chartres, france, Friday, November. Under the leadership of the guide and its red flag, they head towards the cathedral. Arrived at the foot of the monument, they were quick to understand that the game is worth the effort, in spite of the thick fog. The cathedral, built in the heart of the city, is a masterpiece of gothic art, both monumental and delicate. Inside, the contrast between the dark walls and the panels of stained glass windows – even by gloomy weather – brings the convince. “In 2020, the work will be completed,” explains the guide, and the treasure will be put in value.”

The treasure? The word brings a shine to the eyes of the group, even if it signals the guide, “it is not visible for the moment”. In eighteen months, after a closure of several years and a major renovation undertaken, it will be again in the chapel of Saint-Piat, located in the chevet of the cathedral. Once the stairs are mounted, is provided between …

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