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Thibault Cauvin, the musician who was travelling with his guitar

Thibault Cauvin was probably tired of running the world, guitar strap, concert to concert, opera in the auditorium. Every soloist renowned knows what a spleen. A state that has pushed the virtuoso guitarist to end his “endless tour”, as he described it, and, with it, his relationship with the manager with which he has built his amazing career. Enough to get rid of the omnipresent father been over-investing in the route of a “son”? Some family ties are difficult to cut. But at 34 years old, Thibault has made its decision. He turned the page. In the wise world of the classic he now prefers to the methods of the variety. Thus, it takes up the idea of his album Cities (2012), in which he told – with his guitar – the great cities of the world that he had traversed.

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For this second opus and published by Sony, Thibault Cauvin is supported by some notoriety as – M -, the trumpet player Erik Truffaz and the late Didier Lockwood. The result, of very fine quality, in the air, out of time, and allows him to pull his instrument to new horizons. But it will quickly find itself faced with a dilemma. The artists now live, thanks to the concerts. Gold, how to collect on a tour of the mezzo-soprano Lea Desandre, with which he conjures up Venice, or – M -, which inspired him to cap Ferret?

But it is going to work around the difficulty with a large tour in 2019, of which a passage to the theatre de la ville in Paris on 19 February. If the titles of this CD have been chosen by the radio for its promotion, we have retained for our part two nuggets. The first evokes Granada: Spanish Dance no. 2 Granados, recorded with the violinist Christian-Pierre La Marca. The second is this amazing transcription of Mad Rush from Philip Glass to evoke a crazy race in the streets of New York. One thing is for sure: the race of Thibault Cauvin does that continue!

November 17, in Brussels-Rixensart, December 5, at Norwich, January 15, at Cognac, the 25 in Bordeaux, 26 in Hossegor, on the 7th of February in Alfortville, 8 to Beynes, the 14 – in Paris Salle Gaveau with Orchestre National d’île de France, the 15 to the Ulis, the 17 in Puteaux, on the 19th in Paris – the Théâtre de la ville, march 10, at Montceau les Mines, the 21 St Andre the Orchards, the 22nd in Montrouge, on the 30th of the Seagrass

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