Bastille is not a palace. Not of green marble of Jönköping, the hyacinths blue the Languedoc, capitals in bronze or rich mosaics. Not romantic lake under its foundations or Apollo in majesty on its roof. The sixth sub-ground of Bastille vrombissent the pumps that evacuate the groundwater. And 50 meters high, the familiar Genius of the July column, tomatoes, turnips and vines of hops growing in a vegetable garden of 2 500 m2. Bastille is not the Palais Garnier and it has been criticised from the outset.

in The early 1980s, the two clans clash. François Mitterrand was persuaded by his minister of Culture, Jack Lang, the composer Pierre Boulez, the senior civil servant François Bloch-Lainé. The Palais Garnier, inaugurated in 1876, is, as they explain, out of breath with its 1 900-seat, its machinery not adapted to a modern setting, its notes which reach 600 chf (260 eur today) and barely a …

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