It was six years ago that he had not released new songs. On Friday, Patrick Bruel returns with his ninth album, This evening we went out , the fruit of two years of work. Three years after the release of his album of covers of Barbara, the singer book fifteen original tracks, mixing songs and intimate, inspired by the events that have marked France in recent years.

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The album opens with the title All over Again , in which the clip (above) has been posted online in the night from Thursday to Friday. Behind this composition, guitar, voice, arrangements and pop-electro announce the sonorities are unusual in that the interpreter Place of the great men to follow him on the other fourteen songs.

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This willingness to adapt to the landscape of the French song in full mutation, it is found with likes , in the same vein pop, and Louise , a song that could get out of a set e of Small Cookie. No time , reflecting on the passing of time with a chorus catchy way brass band of the Balkans, turns out to be a song made for the live. Just like Stand Up . In a few months, the singer will begin a tour of monster, which will end on December 17, 2019 at the Halle Tony Garnier, Lyon.

baring and tributes

In This evening we went out , Patrick Bruel leaves the place with a high sensitivity by nu with the securities melancholic as Stop to smile . In I have crossed thy son , he refers to the quarrel which has long been separated from his father. The singer also makes a glowing tribute to his friend Guy Carcassonne, one of the leading scholars of constitutional law, who passed away in 2013, in My placemark .

Patrick Bruel book also has several titles inspired by events and societal that have made the news lately. In It shall be , the song closing the album, it is a question of the crisis of migrants in a touching story between a son and his mother. With the title which gives its name to the album This evening we went out , he refers to a half-word of the attacks of 2015. Not question however of giving in to the sadness for Patrick Bruel, as evidenced by what is it , a hymn backbone where it is a question of the victory of the France team at the last football world Cup.