Huawei has become in recent years one of the largest Smartphone manufacturers in the world. In the long term, the group wants to get to the top, resulting in the Chinese group makes no secret of the fact. In London, he has presented today its new Top model: the Mate 20 Per want to refer to Huawei, the new iPhone and Galaxy models. And the technical data of the device are impressive.

With a 6.4 inch, the Mate 20 sets Per any size record, the Display is a 3120×1440 pixels, but very sharp. The screen is curved on the left and the right edge to the rear, which is reminiscent of Samsung’s Galaxy S9 Plus. The recess in the upper edge of the screen, in turn, is clearly inspired by Apple’s iPhone XS. The front reminds in total, a Mix of the two Smartphone kings.


the arrangement of The triple-camera has changed.

©Christoph Fröhlich/star Novel Triple-camera on Board

A manuscript has the unit on the back. The Highlight of the new three – compartment camera, which is now square and not arranged in a row. The main camera corresponds to the 40-Megapixel camera (f1.8-aperture) of the Huawei P20 Pro, which also has a Triple-camera.

The Mate 20 Per used Huawei but with the addition of an ultra-wide-angle-camera with 8 megapixels (aperture f2.4) and a Tele-Zoom lens with 20 megapixels (aperture f2.2). As a result, the camera system is capable of a focal length range equivalent to 16 to 80 mm cover and a five times optical Zoom will be possible ( iPhone: Two-fold Zoom).

another novelty: The Mate is a 20-Per is intended to allow macro shots from up to 2.5 centimeters in distance. How well this works in everyday life and how the camera in low-light conditions, and proposes, Tests show. As in the predecessors, klotzte Huawei in the technology ran, the camera Software will not be convinced but in any Situation. Often Details were expected to be aggressive out of the picture.


of The Smartphones sold On/Off switch is as is the case with Google’s current Pixel color.

©Christoph Fröhlich/star Faster Chip and face unlock

the other equipment. As for the processor, the Kirin-980-Chip is presented, Huawei is already on the IFA. He is made like Apple’s A12-Chip in the 7-Nanometer process and is intended to be considerably more nimble than its predecessor. Depending on the model variant, six or eight gigabytes of memory available to them. The internal memory counts, depending on the variant of 128, 256 or 512 gigabytes. The memory is expandable, however, requires the use of specially developed nanoSD card.

In a recess (Notch) on the top of the screen is hidden beside the front camera, the technology for face unlock. This is based on an infra-red projection, and will be similar to consuming such as Apple’s Face-ID-method. How safe it is, it will show in the weeks after the market launch. In addition, there is a directly on the Display built-in fingerprint sensor – such a technique can offer so far, neither Samsung, nor Apple. Here, too, must show only that the technology works reliably.


The rear panel is displayed in a chic mirrored Black.

©Christoph Fröhlich/star

One of the Strengths of the Mate series is the battery life for years. In the Mate 20 Pro a 4200 mAh powerful battery, which should provide for maturities of up to two days. The battery supports fast charging technology, 30 minutes of 70 percent should be in there. With the right accessories, the battery can also be used wirelessly with up to 15 watts of charging. The coolest function: The Huawei-Smartphone, in turn, can charge other devices wirelessly. You put a iPhone XS of the buddies on the own Huawei phone, it is charged. As for OS 9, Pie runs Android.

A bargain Mate 20 Pro is not: It costs 1000 Euro and is available from the end of October. The Porsche Design Edition is 1700 Euro and is at the end of November.