This is a caravan that is actually a mobile home. At the düsseldorf Caravan Salon the sCarabane had its Premiere. At first glance, he looks on the street like a normal caravan – if not exactly in the compact class. On request, he unfolds, however, a complete holiday home. Rickety Faltanhänger there have always been, the sCarabane is a completely different class. Most likely he is with modular structures by comparing the set of containers together and on construction sites and in the military are related.

Large, but not too large

The difference is that The sCarabane is 7.8 meters in length, considerably handier and there is no need for a Truck-tractor to move it. Seven metres in length and over are also at normal living are not uncommon cars. But above all, the sCarabane is much smarter than a large metal box. It begins with the set Up, the sCarabane will not be parked simply, he is placed on a circular metal ring and can rotate with the sun. Set-up and deployment of the mobile home to get a single Person in only 30 minutes.

Concentrated Eco-technology

A further characteristic of the use of green technology, the power of the sCarabane largely self-sufficient. Therefore, he should be able to rotate with the sun light. For the generation of electricity the car uses in addition to solar panels, in addition to a wind turbine. Water is also heated by solar energy. Manufacturer Green Cat but it is pointed out that a completely self-sufficient supply of the surroundings, the weather and the habits of the inhabitants depends.

the sCarabane is primarily a feasibility study. Whether or not a market is end-to-end product, determine the price. Another hurdle, the manufacturer has taken but With the weight of 2.5 tons, the sCarabane is no lightweight, but it can be even drawn in the ping leagues in Germany from a larger SUV. Other Autonomous vehicles must be transported on a low loader.

Mobile cottage

Inside the sCarabane a lot of space. There is a parents bedroom, a room for children or guests, a large kitchen and a normal sized bathroom. The dining table can be converted to a further double bed.

To the side of sCarabane

Hidden places: This apartment is floating under a highway bridge Fullscreen

In the center of the rush-hour traffic, and yet hidden.

©Jose Manuel Pedrajas Kra