It is what is called a child of the ball. The virus of early music, Thomas Dunford has caught a kid with his sister, accompanying her two parents, gambistes of business, on their tours. The shadow of Jordi Savall, who plana on the years of training of his father and his mother, there is not, perhaps, totally indifferent to the choice of the lute by the young man. If the musician catalan has himself played a lot and recorded a duet with key figures of the instrument, such as Paul O Debt, it has mostly been constantly building bridges between the ancient musical traditions of european and oral tradition of eastern and arab… Of traditions in which the lute and the whole family of instruments that flows from it – archlute, theorbo, chitarrone – draw their origins.

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besides, this was a few years ago in the heart of one of the most original projects that we have heard, conducted in the hands of masters by Thomas Dunford, the harpsichordist and a long-time collaborator Jean Rondeau and the percussionist iranian Keyvan Chemirani: Jasmine Toccata. Or the surprising encounter of the baroque dance and modalities eastern.

Clapton of the lute

It must be said that, the thirties just passed, the one who for the last ten years a walk together in all his overwhelming virtuosity, his sensitivity eminently musical and charisma of the “Clapton of the lute” nourishes a passion asserted to the music room. The point of having founded last year, with the soprano Lea Desandre, a new set variable geometry, around a hard core of young performers, among the most prominent of the moment (John Rondeau, but also Bruno Philippe or even Théotime Langlois). To what extend, by friendships, the many artistic experiences lived in the heart of les Arts Florissants of William Christie, the Ensemble Pygmalion Raphaël Pichon, or the Concert of Nations of Jordi Savall.

For the time being, this is not with the Jupiter it will be in the box so delicate the salle Cortot, at the invitation of its producer, the first time Philippe Maillard. But with his parents, to which is renewal of three figures complicit in the family: Lea Desandre, Jean Rondeau and Keylan Chemirani. These will accompany the “dynasty Dunford” in a program of the circumstance, centered on the families of musicians. The Bach, with whom Dunford and Rondeau dedicated their latest respective albums, will no doubt be of the party. In the midst of other musical surprises that will brighten a family reunion at the summit.

The first Italian baroque, salle Cortot, 78, rue Cardinet (Xvii). Tel.: 01 48 24 16 97. Schedule: on 3 April at 20: 30.
Seating: from 22 to 38 €.