in recent times, Orelsan, will have multiplied the collaborations. To the delight of fans, the rapper will put his verses on pieces of the former member of Sexion d Assaut Lefa, the rapper MHD or his accomplice Crackers Flowters Gringe… Friday, it was in a featuring particular that his fans were able to see the singer alongside Thomas Gijol.

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In White Snake Freestyle , the comedian appears to be wearing a Zorro mask, while Orelsan connects the rhymes full of self-deprecating humor and irony, including comparisons to Donald Trump to Lex Luthor. The song is taken from the soundtrack to the feature film Black Snake, the legend of the black snake , that Thomas Gijol co-produced with Karole Rocher.

For his third film behind the camera, the comedian seems to be inspired by the success of Marvel’s Black Panther . He sang Clotaire Sangala, aka “Black Snake”, the first super-hero of africa. The film’s original soundtrack has been composed by Skread, collaborator of Orelsan.

*check out the trailer of Black Snake, to the cinema on Wednesday 20 February.