a Few minutes after the announcement of the prize, the lucky winner has been entrusted to you. At 44 years of age, and after eight novels published since 2003, he is recognized by his peers, who, this year, was a finalist for the unfortunate of the Goncourt and the Grand Prix of the French Academy. Maintenance.

LE FIGARO – Where were you a few minutes before the proclamation of the Prix Interallié?

THOMAS REVERDY – This morning, I was at the Garden of Plants, because it was beautiful. It is next to me, it is beautiful, we walked quietly, I was with my editor Alix Penent and my press officer, Charlotte Ajame.

What was your first reaction when you learned the good news?

We wondered if it was true. We have obtained confirmations, and we shouted our joy in the street!!! We hugged each other. We were very happy with all three.

who dedicate you this price?

there are a lot of people who would want to dedicate a prize. Without a doubt the first person I can think of is my mother, whose absence accompanied me for 30 years soon. And my companion, who is at my side. My editor, with which I build for several novels now a journey of trust and work, which without a doubt brings us here today.

You were a finalist for the unfortunate of the Goncourt and the Grand Prix of the French Academy, did you not afraid to miss the Allied?

Yes, the book was in the final of the three grand prizes. It was a very moving and joyful to know that the novel ultimately has a price. It is both a recognition, a light. I guess now my Candice (his main character, ED) ride her bike and meeting with readers. This is great!

This is the end of the path of the cross of the novelist?

Yes, it is particular to the price, because it has not passed a competition, and sometimes there is a sort of feeling of competition that is not healthy because it is not quite true. But, each time, the day where we are expecting we can’t help but hope, and then be happy when it happens and a little disappointed when it doesn’t happen. Today, I am a happy man.

did You expect it or not?

No, no, we do not expect it, and then the more it goes the less one can expect. It is dangerous to expect too much.

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You speak of recognition. Isn’t it also because a prize is awarded not writers?

Yes, and even beyond the fact of having it, nothing that appear on the list, it means that it is read by people who matter , that one has read or even. They are writers and that is important.

do you Know that you are going to be sworn to your tower, is it an experience that draws you in? You are going to be on the other side of the mirror…

Yes, this interests me. I’ll see what that is. Nothing but the prospect of having to read a lot of novels that will be published I like. I’m still a player , this is something that interests me, to know the literary landscape around me. And if we can help other young people in their education, and their literary career, this will be with pleasure…

Are you exhausted by the start of the literary?

The price period is both exhilarating and exhausting, really. Not to mention the tour of the Goncourt of high school students: it is very special, it is nice to meet young people… But this is one of those circumstances where it has the false impression of being in competition with other writers, and it can be quite unpleasant.

Y a-t-there a message with this novel, The winter of our discontent ?

The book tells the adventures of a young woman who is twenty years old and who dream of being an actress in England in the failure , plagued with strikes and discontent and that is in the process of switching to our violent world, cynical. She is fighting with all the faith of his youth and all the weapons that give him the culture and the great works of theatre. I find that it carries a very positive message for people who are facing difficult times, with all the optimism that can give the item a

You are a professor of letters, teach you always?

I’ve always taught, I always kept at least a few courses. I have always kept this foot in the real, it is necessary to choose its compromise and it is a good compromise between teaching and writing. My students will eventually know that I’m a writer!