Taika Waititi will the next adventures of Thor, reports the Hollywood Reporter . A news that should delight fans of the son of Odin. In fact, the filmmaker has managed to bring life back to the universe the master of the lightning in Thor: Ragnarok, the third feature film of the saga, after the fumble of the second part, World of darkness . By inspiring his quirky humor and a scene rhythmically, the director has made this third installment one of the best films of the Marvel universe.

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This allows you to learn more about the future of the Marvel universe, uncertain, since Spider-Man: Far From Home . If sequels have already been announced for Black Panther and Captain Marvel , as well as a spin-off on the “Black Widow” Black Widow, nothing is yet very clear. The redemption of the Fox intrigue the fans who dream to see land the X-Men and the Fantastic 4 at the side of the Avengers. But no information has come to confirm this theory.

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Akira loss of speed

The good news is double, however a less good: the postponement for an indefinite period of the film Akira, which had to be made by the filmmaker in new zealand. The adaptation of the famous manga of the 1980s was scheduled for may 2021.

according to the Hollywood Reporter , the project has been postponed to a later date because the planning of the production came into conflict with that of Thor . Warner has so far made no statement on the subject, but several sources have told the news site u.s. that the studio wanted to keep Taika Waititi on this adaptation.