Thousands of Belarusians and foreign diplomats paid tribute to the memory of the deceased during the protests in Minsk

At the metro station “Pushkinskaya” in Minsk, where, on 10 August killed 34-year-old participant of the protest against a new term for President Alexander Lukashenko, the evening gathered several thousand protesters. People honored the memory of the man who, according to the interior Ministry of Belarus, have died due to the fact that detonated the explosive subject matter that he wanted to throw at security forces.

According to TASS, the demonstrators began in the “chain of solidarity” on the road, they handed bouquets to passing motorists.

Earlier today at the square came ambassadors from 20 countries of Europe and laid flowers at the scene of the death of the protester.

“Radio Liberty”, meanwhile, learned the name and surname of the deceased — Alexander Trajkovski. His widow told reporters he did not believe the official report on the death of her husband. On Monday evening he called his wife and said that is sent home, and then stopped communicating.

Meanwhile, on the Nemiga girls give the security forces the flowers — and they take the cars humming approvingly.

Minsk, Nemiga district. Girl giving flowers to the security forces — and they take!

— TUT.BY (@tutby) August 13, 2020

People restonosis in the “chain of solidarity” across the capital, says the telegram-channel NEXTA Live. As Nemiga, their signal horns greet from passing cars.

the people of Belarus of the fifth day of protest against falsifications of results of presidential elections. According to the CEC, Aleksandr Lukashenko won the oppositionist Svetlana Tikhanovski with result of 80% against 10%. Voter was outraged by this “lie”, and they staged a mass rally in dozens of towns. Today the protest is relatively peaceful, but in previous days, the special forces soldiers have enough people indiscriminately beaten. The number of victims and detainees were journalists, which is not saved “immunity” in the form of press credentials and accreditations.