A classic of Broadway and Hollywood

This is the first time that you are ascending in France, where one knows that the film of 1955 with Marlon Brando, Fred Sinatra, and Jean Simmons, translated under the title not very #MeToo White doves and villains gentlemen . There is a lot of this, in this great classic Broadway (five Tony Awards in 1951): a rogue who play craps in the face of pretty young women devotees who want to be married.

At the Marigny Theatre, the show also marks the new collaboration between Jean-Luc Choplin, formerly at the controls of the Châtelet, and the choreographer Stephen Mear, who have already set up together several musicals scale: Singin’ in the Rain or 42nd Street .

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the nostalgia of The 40’s canailles

Specify the plot. The beautiful Sarah Brown (Jean Simmons in the film, down-to-earth Clare Halse on stage), dedicated to the mission “Save a soul”, must save the lost souls of the district. She is being courted by the knight Sky Masterson (Marlon Brando and Matthew Goodgame), who has bet the behind-mules in the corner that he would invite him to lunch in Florida. On the sidewalk in front of it, the leader of review miss Adelaide can no longer be betrothed for fourteen years at the fatal Nathan Detroit, the gambler inveterate short rings. In these roles, tasty Ria Jones and Christopher Howell are played to perfectly. The couple brings some laughter to the musical.

The girls in the Hot Box, Miss Adelaide. FRANCOIS GUILLOT/AFP

Guys and Dolls is served by a troupe of top-notch comedians English, up to supporting roles, well-drawn. That’s a funny couple at the Orel and Hardy, or a thug who came specially from Chicago for a taste of the parts of craps in new york. Their costumes, well groomed, are bright, capelin red Salvation Army to tweeds hast-thou-seen villains.

A great show to the american

As Singin’ in the Rain or 42nd Street the magic of Guys and Dolls comes a lot from his generosity. Upon the opening of the show, and this are -as is customary – nearly thirty actors who come on stage for a prelude supercharged! In the pit, the conductor, and a dozen musicians to resume live coverage of the big hits of the comedy: I’ve Never been in love before , Guys and Dolls (see video above) or the sensual A Bushel and a peck of the daughters of the Hot Box.

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The musical is also very beautiful thanks to a scenography intelligent who does not charge too much the plateau of the Marigny. Great frames light represent the lights and the towers of Broadway. A few rounds in the hangers, and the show propel us to the interior of the Hot Box, in a trip to Florida for a luncheon, dancing to fly high, or in the sewers of new york for a game of craps illegal. The show, which exceeds the 2: 30 English subtitles (the actors force an american accent to cut with a knife), remains fluid and energetic. We do not see the time pass. Like the actors, it flies!

Guys and Dolls , at the Theatre Marigny, Carre Marigny (Viii). In the evening at 20h and in the morning at 15h on Saturday and 16 on Sunday. Until 27 July 2019. Price: from 36 euros. Tel.: 01 76 49 47 12.