In this sequel, Claude Verneuil (Christian clavier) has a new problem: his four sons-in-law want to leave France, with wife and children. His rival, André Koffi (Pascal Nzonzi), the father of the husband of one of the girls Verneuil (Laure alias Élodie Fontan), too, has worries: her daughter, Viviane (Tatiana Rojo) wants to marry… a woman.

1. Christian clavier in his best shape

After the ill-tempered transvestite Katia Father Christmas is a junk , the angry Jerome, husband of Gigi, Tanned , Michel Taupin the idiot useful to Grandpa makes of the Resistance and Jacquouille la Fripouille teeth rotten, Christian Keyboard with Claude Verneuil, another cult figure. The actor makes it sympathetic to the portly notary of Chinon, catholic, good complexion and average French, a little racist, reaction, and petty. More sober and less grimacing when he imitates Louis de Funès, the Keyboard of the Good God is a delightfully funny. The scenes where he revels in the misfortunes of André Koffi (Pascal Nzonzi) will become cults.

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2. A France without the “yellow vests”

When the Verneuil decide to make the love of France to their sons-in-law, they are to visit the castles of the Loire, the fine hotels and vineyards. Chenonceau has welcomed the teams with open arms, because the first prong has been seen everywhere in the world. Only constraint: turn the plans with a drone before the opening at the crack of dawn. what is it was already done to the Good God ? , whose action is situated in the region Centre-Val de Loire, as the Verneuil live in Chinon, is an advertisement for France, country of wine and cheese where you live, where the grass is green and the cows happy. A rural France as beautiful as a picture Postcard. A son-in-law: “This is not the France that I was looking for a leak, this is Paris.”

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In the first film, Chinon was never shown. The town hall, which combines the four girls Verneuil is in fact that of Rueil-Malmaison in Western paris. As to the ownership of Verneuil, it is at Orgeval in Yvelines. In seeing the film, Chinon, had been disappointed. This time, the sub-prefecture of the Indre-and-Loire is ideally served. Philippe de Chauveron is catching up and filmed like a pretty sunny city where it is good to drink a drink on the terrace. Saumur, with its theater, is also welcomed. The local factory farm? Not serious. Claude Verneuil bought it and entrusts it to his son-in-law. Marie Verneuil (Chantal Lauby) quotes Sylvain Tesson: “France is a paradise populated by people who believe in hell.”

3. Of the authors who have been able to renew

Between the output of the first Good God in 2014, and today, France has changed a lot. Written two years ago without the slightest “yellow jacket” on the horizon, the scenario of What is this-one has yet done the Good God? is very contemporary. This time, the writers are also inspired much of the crisis of the migrants and same-sex marriage. The Verneuil welcome an afghan refugee, Claude (Christian clavier) is suspected, moreover, of wanting to blow up with an explosive belt. Marianne Koffi, the sister of Charles who is a lesbian, worship Christiane Taubira. The lawyer Rachid can no longer defend women in burkini.

Another societal phenomenon at the scene, the alya, the immigration of Jews to Israel. David (Ary Abittan) is a candidate but is unable to remember the three words of Hebrew. The two components of the Good God exalt France’s multicultural, where the bourgeoisie of the province (Verneuil) joins with the bohemians of paris (the husbands). But France, as a device, those roundabouts and pavilions, is the great absent.

Full of twists and turns, the plot is even better troussée that in the first film. The characters are the same but they are led elsewhere. Claude Verneuil wanted his four sons-in-law go away? This time, he “spends a blind,” for they remain. Replicas that are fly back, refurbished. Chao Ling (Frédéric Chau) is still regarded as a fayot by the other three.

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Another blink of an eye: the parisian restaurant where the Koffi meet the future wife of their daughter is the same as the one where the Verneuil meet their son-in-law Charles in the first Good God . As the gallery of characters is considerable, Philippe de Chauveron and Guy Lawrence have written scenes that exceed rarely two minutes. The camera chooses to linger on the two dinners the family. Real treats.