● Because it is a surprise

the output of Post-Pop Slack in 2016, the singer, who is preparing to celebrate its seventieth anniversary, admitted willingly that he was his ultimate production. Finally, after a strenuous tour alongside Josh Homme and some of the musicians in the leader of Queens of the Stone Age, Iggy Pop has found the desire to save, but “not with a rock band” as we recently explained. To the astonishment general, after a tour of the festivals that has seen it occur in the context of the Old Ploughs, Free was announced at the end of the summer.

● Because this album is atypical of its author.

three albums with the Stooges between 1969 and 1973, Iggy Pop has laid the foundations for punk rock, years before this term is not employed. Showman spectacular, he has spent most of his life to defend a rock ardent on funds of batteries, and guitars. Free reminds us that the man has a musical culture that is far more broad. His love of the blues and jazz led him to collaborate with the young trumpeter Leron Thomas, who has forged climates to beautiful stamp crooner of the Iguana.

● Because this could really be the last album of Iggy Pop

With Free , Iggy Pop hopes to be able to impose a new directory, more quiet, to the public. “Next year, I hope that you will see me at the poster of the festivals of jazz,” he explains. Facilitator of a program of the BBC, the septuagenarian feeds of all the music of today. Now, he imagines them to further participate in the projects of others than to assert themselves as the leader. This could lead it to renounce to publish discs under his name.