Nearly ten years after his death on march 14, 2009 at the age of 61 years, The voice of Bashung resounds once more, to the delight of those who loved him. Wanted to by his last wife Chloé Mons, upstream was produced by Edith Fambuena, who had worked on the masterpiece, 1998’s Fantasy military. That is why we must listen to him

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Because of its unique song we missed.

Alain Bashung had begun his career as early as 1966, winning his first hit, Gaby, oh Gaby , fifteen years later. Throughout his career, he had distinguished himself by a song of a rare elegance. The man had an art special to ring, the French language, which he placed in majesty in each of his songs, from the puns of years Boris Bergman up to the poetry more dream-like texts that he cosignait with Jean Fauque. Written by singers, such as Dominique A, Raphaël, Daniel Darc, and others, the compositions of upstream are crossed by this stamp is unique and irreplaceable.

Because this new disc is better than a petrol Blue

Released a year before his death only, this final studio album, we were disappointed. Only the songs of Gérard Manset, Joseph of Antwerp and Arman Méliès managed to rise to the level of the interpreter masterful he was. With regard to the realization of the disc, it was a great flatness. Ten years after, the great Edith Fambuena, which produced the songs, sign a partition to be memorable. We found the taste of Bashung for the rock’n’roll of Gene Vincent and Alan Vega in environments chockfull of reverb, guitars twang and programming rhythmic dry.

Because it announces other festivities

Chloe Mons, who manages the moral rights of the work of her late husband, has started to archive hundreds of a recording of this. Upstream is the first step to a great work of outputs signed Bashung. A new full of 24 CD will be released next march, on the occasion of the ten anniversary of the death of Bashung. And you also announced the came out, for the first time, of the singles that he recorded during the lean years, between 1966 and 1975, under the names of Baschung and David Bergen. We also speak of reissues of albums of covers of standard rock ‘ n ‘ roll engraved with Dick Rivers.

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