Three Russians were among the 10 richest people in Israel

Russian billionaires Roman Abramovich, Viktor Vekselberg and Mr. Kantor entered the top ten list of billionaires in Israel. Total rating of 121 people, informs The Marker.

The richest man in the country was a woman. The assets of businesswoman Miriam Edelson, who also has US citizenship, are estimated at nearly $18 billion.

In second place was the Frenchman Patrick Dray with more than $12 billion rounded out the top three Abramovich, with $11 billion.

Compatriots Abramovich, Vekselberg and Cantor is located on the sixth and 10th places.

Earlier it was reported that the Russian Abramovich became the owner of the most expensive Israeli Villa. The businessman laid out for the property $64.5 million.

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