Twenty years after his death, the director of clockwork Orange and 2001: a space odyssey has not finished to be talked about. Three drafts of scripts have recently been found in the former home of the filmmaker, according to the daily newspaper The Guardian . These unfinished works, dating from 1954 to 1956, were written while the filmmaker was having marital problems with his second wife, Ruth Sobotka. A conflict that is the driving force of the three texts unearthed. They all dealt with the marriage, between weariness and separation.

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The wedding, “a long meal with the dessert served at the beginning”

from the first line of Married Man , an incomplete text of 35 pages, Kubrick wrote: “Marriage is like a long meal with the dessert served at the beginning… Can you imagine the horrors of living with a woman who clings to you like a suction cup of rubber, whose entire life revolves around you morning, noon and night? It’s like drowning in a sea of feathers. Dive deeper and deeper into the depths of sweet and suffocating of habit and familiarity. If only she was strong. To be angry or jealous, even just once. Yesterday evening, I went out to walk me. Just after the dinner. I got home at two in the morning. Don’t ask me where I was.” A reflection that seems to be a reflection of his personal situation of the time.

In The perfect Marriage, the producer of Shining , in addition to the seven scenes that make up the beginning of the manuscript, took notes on-the-fly: “pay for Christmas. His wife is preparing for the Christmas party that evening. It is the hustle and bustle. Husband depressed by Christmas. Story of marriage, fidelity, deception.” Developed elements in his latest film Eyes Wide Shut featuring Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman. This is also the case of Jealous , a script of 13 pages, which deals with the resentment of a couple who do not love them anymore. A theme heavily exploited in his last feature film forty years later.

Stanley Kubrick on the plateau of”Eye Wide Shut” with Tom Cruise and Nicole Kidman Rue des Archives/©Rue des Archives/RDA

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A discovery that goes a long

The specialist Nathan Abrams, professor of study film at the university of Bangor and an expert on Kubrick, was excited by these discoveries, but also very frustrated. In fact, he has just published a book dedicated to the latest film work of the cinematographer, entitled Eyes Wide Shut: Stanley Kubrick and the Making of His Final Movie , co-authored with Robert Kolker, published by Oxford University Press on the first of July 2019 on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the feature film. He confides, still the Guardian : “These are projects that Kubrick wanted to make but that it has not made. I’ve never heard of that in anything I’ve read before. This shows that it was much more than we thought previously. It was very productive”.

the three unfinished works were transferred to the university of the arts London in the archives Kubrick. Unlike Burning secret , a brand-new storyline, almost completely found in the last year, these texts will probably never be the direction of the dark rooms.