Threshold speed on certain roads in Russia can increase to 130 km/h

the Threshold speed limits on high speed roads can increase up to 130 km/h as reported by “Interfax”, said Deputy head of the Main Department on security of traffic of the Ministry of internal Affairs of Russia Oleg Panarin.

According to him, “in the short term it is possible to talk about the speed increase to 130 km/h, and with the development of standardization documents, technology, cleaning, maintenance and repairs of high speed roads you can go at 150 km/h.

Earlier, the head of traffic police Mikhail Chernikov at the meeting “road Safety and infrastructure development” stated that Russia can increase the allowable speed limit on motorways.

“We have to soon decide the issue of traffic on toll roads, on the freeways, will gradually raise the speed to 130 km/h”, — said Chernikov.

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