Two evening match of RPL has completed the 25th round.

In Sochi took place the match of the local team of the same name with the Moscow “Dynamo”. The entire first half, the teams were roughly on a par. However, Muscovites spent more time at the master’s side of the field. However, the attack did not go. By the end of the first half, the blue and white took the initiative in their hands, but summed up the implementation. 10 hits and a single goal by half-time.

But almost immediately after a pause, 56 minutes Nikolai Komlichenko opened the scoring, a powerful shock, literally, breaking the goalkeeper dzhanaeva residents. On the 72 th minute Dynamo Šunjić was somewhat complicated by his team life by getting a red card, but it did not help the home team to change the course of the meeting. But in the 90th minute, the lady luck smiled on the hosts. The main arbitrator of a meeting has appointed a penalty in gate of players of “Dynamo” Alexander Kokorin confident realized it — 1:1. “Dynamo” at the end of this meeting remains eighth, and “Sochi” up as much as 9 place and quite away from the relegation zone.

In a parallel match met “Rostov” and “Krasnodar”. It was one of those occasions when the whole game went under the dictation of one of the teams. The bulls decided not to hesitate and immediately took the bull by the horns. In the ninth minute at the gates of Rostov there was a first dangerous moment, and the 14th forward visitors Berg opens an account. After a quick break to view the VAR, but the goal ultimately counted. Until the end of the first half, the team had some good opportunities to increase their advantage, but are they they are unable.

In the second half, nothing has changed, and “Krasnodar” continued to attack and pressure. In the period from 50th to 56th minute they made a series of dangerous attacks. After “Rostov” gave little to hold on to the ball, but no more.

it Seemed that the match outcome is already a foregone conclusion, but then started a real Saga: in the 94th minute, the referee went to look inideomotor and appointed a penalty in gate of Safonova Matthew. The time was extremely controversial. According to the players, “Krasnodar”, the ball hit their defender in the shoulder, but the appeal was not taken. On the contrary, disputes Shapiro and Fernandes received a yellow. At the 102nd minute of the priests converted the spot-kick and snatched a draw for his team — 1:1. “Rostov” continues to share with the “Krasnodar” third place, but in the wards Valery Karpin still have one game in hand.

Thus “Zenith” has come off persecutors on 11 points, and this gap over the five rounds it is unlikely someone will be able to overcome.

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