the regulars of The festival of electronic music Électroland, Disneyland Paris, is going to have a good reason to change the amusement park: in 2019 will be held during the gauls at parc Asterix (France). Even if Alter Paname, the collective organizer, did not want to communicate on this event, some information, however filtered, starting with a press release rather tantalizing of the organizer.

“once There was a village of indomitable party-goers. They had a certain insurance, the taste for risk, as well as a constant good looks. Zero bad wave could never penetrate into their universe,” one can read there.

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The festival will take place over two days, according to Gentside . It will begin on 23 February to 16 hours, to be completed the next day at noon. It promises to be sprinkled with plenty of drinks supposed to bring the force necessary for the partiers to dance all night, if we judge it by its name: Alter Panoramix , in reference to the druid expert in the magic potion in the comic strips of Uderzo and Goscinny.

A programming to rival the entire legions of Romans

The collective promises to deliver a programming to rival the entire legions of Romans, says the magazine Lasts for Life. The Gauls partygoers will have the choice between four scenes in the musical moods varied and evocative names: the Gallo(che)-Roman for “chiller” between the plebeians to the sound of the Truck Bazaar , the Orgy Roman for lovers of strong sensations that will wiggle to the sound of El Hey , or the Banquet of Gaul, animated by Mic-Mac and Slowciety , for those who prefer to eat decibels rather than wild boar.

If the name of the fourth stage is still unknown, the most diehard revelers can count on in after on the collective – Nipples . On the other hand, no mention of a concert by the bard Assurancetourix, which is better for the ears of the revelers and the weather conditions during these two days of celebration.

And since the festival will be held in an amusement park, participants will be able to take tours of carousel, says Jack. Oziris , Galley and flying chair should be open to participants in certain zones. However, be careful not to abuse the beer before taking place, to avoid some inconvenience which we pretend to be barbarians from the roman invaders!