Oreo biscuits have been turned to Swiss roll-like cakes by TikTok users that adore sweets

Korean rolls are so old information.

TikTokers are placing a contemporary, cookie-flavored twist on the wrapped dessert using”Oreo Sushi,” a DIY food fad that is increasing in popularity over the video-sharing program.

Dozens of TikTok users have shared videos of these turning Nabisco’s famous crème-filled biscuits into tube-shaped cakes, which have racked up over 10.3 million viewpoints combined beneath the program’s Oreo Sushi hashtag.

The initial Oreo Sushi movie to strike TikTok came directly in the favorite TikTok webpage Cheese or even Desserts on Jan. 21.

The brief tutorial revealed TikTokers they just require Oreos and condensed milk to produce a white and black sushi cake.

To create the dish, first house chefs need to divide each cookie wafer shell out of its crème centre. When the biscuits are split, the wafers must be crushed and mixed with three tablespoons of liquid milk, according to the TikTok video.

Cheese or Desserts additionally adds 1 tablespoon of liquid milk into the split crème.

Last but not least, Cheese or Desserts rolled the 2 layers together and cut it into bits, so the dessert may resemble a chopped sushi roll.

In the previous five weeks, this viral movie has created over 455,800 viewpoints and 99,500 enjoys. Additionally, it has inspired other TikTok chefs to check out or place their own spin on Oreo Sushi.

Some founders have chosen to utilize routine or dairy-free milk to combine with their biscuits. Others have produced Oreo Sushi by swapping out conventional Oreos for among their brand’s other tastes.

Meanwhile, the commenters who dislike the crème filling have suggested choices like cream cheese, melted marshmallows or a readymade marshmallow spread under many Oreo Sushi videos.

Up to now, the most-liked Oreo Sushi movie on TikTok comes out of a 14-year-old baking enthusiast called Sienna Sweets, who’s obtained more than 655,400 enjoys in the previous week to get her two-ingredient recipe along with chocolate skillet.