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Timofeev day: why in this day is to invite guests or to visit loved ones

Timofeev day: why in this day is to invite guests or to visit loved ones

Orthodox Christians celebrate the day of the Holy Martyr Timothy. It is believed that their spiritual purity and righteous life he received from the Lord the gift of wonderworking and many pagans were converted to the faith of Christ.

it has Long been known that this day is not suitable for negative emotions, on the contrary — it is necessary to radiate joy and to share it with other people. Do not be greedy, on the contrary, generosity will be rewarded from above.

This is the best day to go to visit or invite close to him. So to come to the house of good luck and prosperity for the whole year.

Day Timothy is rich in signs and wonders, and not the most pleasant. But nevertheless, the people thus received the opportunity to prepare for unpleasant events. For example, it was believed that to lose on this day, gloves — unfortunately, to see a rainbow or mice in the barn — to the hungry year, breaking a mirror to the troubles, and failed to have knowed a man — for a wedding or funeral.

as for will, something for the weather in Timofeev day you can build some predictions. So, about the impending bad weather testified ruffled crows, drops of sticky juice oozed on the leaves of the willow, and the absence of ants under the feet of a lovely day. If the chicken in this day wags its tail or poultry grazing itself is the rain, but if during a thunderstorm the white clouds go in front of blue, it will hail.

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