Timothy about Sobchak joke about rape Kostyushkina: You're not a girl, and the animal

Only animals can mock other people’s grief. These words responded to the famous rapper Timati to the statement by TV presenter Ksenia Sobchak about the rape of singer Stas Kostushkin in childhood.

According to Timothy, he “was silent”. “It was uncomfortable when my mom and you’re a girl. But then I realized you’re not a girl, and the animal,” wrote the actor in his Instagram. “It’s funny when Kostyushkin tells about how he was raped as a child?” — asks Timothy, noting that he knows about the life of Sobchak all because they are her “one time.”

the Rapper also said that staged a fatal accident, the actor Mikhail Efremov would seem people angel, if they knew at least 30% of the life of Sobchak.

Previously Sobchak in the video on its Youtube channel said: “What can we expect next then? Start drugs, all to throw? And then generally all will rape, as Stas Kostushkin?”. After this statement from the cooperation with the journalist turned beauty brand Mixit.

Recall that Stas Kostyushkin previously told that a child has been sexually abused.

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