After Minuscule: valley of the ants (1.5 million spectators and César for the best animated film in 2015), Hélène Giraud and Thomas Szabo have produced a “suite”, Tiny: The Mandibles of the end of the world . A wonder that has asked for three years of work to two hundred people. A feature-length film without any dialogue, it was necessary to dare. But the stakes are raised high in hand according to the critics! A history offset which puts the spotlight on a ladybug, in the middle of winter in the Mercantour. The beast to Good God flies to the rescue of a friend ant. It is still unclear that it will end up a thousand leagues from his everyday environment, Guadeloupe …

Tiny 2 : the mandibles of the end of the world [VF] [trailer] – Watch on Figaro Live

the quality of The animation and the scenery awe-inspiring are Tiny 2 a visual spectacle grandiose. “It is a film that is handsome, funny and removed gains on all the tables. When the technical turns so well in the service of the imagination, one can only applaud with both hands. Forgiveness, of the six-legged, fun, and Jacky Bornet, of the site Culturebox . Cécile Mury Télérama comparison Tiny 2 the work of Peter Jackson’s nothing much . “ When, between the ants, the war broke out for good, it’s like being in the lord of The rings, she wrote . Atmosphere heroic and grand spectacle guaranteed”.

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A feeling shared by Inrockuptibles for which this film “picaresque not showing off, but full of ideas”. It would be the same according to the weekly, “the french touch of animation at its best”.

Our sister of the Figaro , Nathalie Simon speaks of a “confrontation between the infinitely small and the infinitely large, which will appeal as much to children as to adults. In addition to an ode to solidarity and fraternity, they will find the poetry, romance and humor. Not to mention a nice message for the preservation of the environment”.

Arnaud Schwartz of The Cross admits that “some scenes are frankly désopilantes”, but the story suffers, according to him, “of a too slow exposure and some of the adventures may seem – to the largest – a little redundant”. While Release speaks of a film “pretty, but also packed full of clichés, made-up in wink.”. What Renaud Baronian of Paris between the tables – at sea, in particular – are “breathtaking”.