“There is no lack of respect to Jesus!” A little over 20 years after its release in the cinema, John Turturro returns in the skin of Jesus Quintana, a character emblematic of The Big Lebowski. Entitled The Jesus Roll, also written and directed by the actor, the spin-off of the film of the Coen brothers should be in the vein of the Balls.

Originally named Going Places ( the american title of the Balls, ed ), the film should, according to the statements of the director, IndieWire in 2017, to be a sort of remake of the film of Bertrand Blier, released in 1974. “The film of Blier is a comedy of sexual on the stupidity of men, explained John Turturro in the american media. He was more plugged in, it was a different time. But [my film] will have the same spirit.”

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In an interview with The Independent in June last, John Turturro describes his film as “a little dare”. “It shows how men are stupid, says the filmmaker. The film will discuss this and show that women are the strongest and the most united. I’ve got a little tweaked and now I find it well. Roughly, this will be an exploration of the life of Jesus after his stint in jail. This will be a comedy, but a human comedy.”

and Then, in a press release issued Monday, after the announcement of the redemption of his film by Screen Media, John Turturro says he has “the impression that it is the right time to release a film transgressive on the stupidity of the men who try and fail in their desire to understand and unravel the mystery of women.”

Blessed by the Coen brothers

The director, who is not at his first attempt, especially with Apprentice Gigolo , has even received the blessing of the Coen brothers to make the spin-off of their film released in 1998. “These are my friends, very close friends, and they have expressed to me their support when I announced to want to go further with these characters, remembers John Turturro. They have said to me, ‘you gotta do it because we will not do it!’ And if I have something to show, I show them to them if they are in the corner.”

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casting, John Turturro will be able to count on the French Audrey Tautou ( freedom! , Santa & Cie ) and Bobby Cannavale ( Mr. Robot and Ant-Man ). Jon Hamm ( Black Mirror , Mad Men ), Susan Sarandon ( Thelma and Louise ) and Pete Davidson ( Saturday Night Live ) will also be of the party. Completed from 2016, The Jesus Roll experienced some problems at the time of installation. Planned for the beginning of the year 2020 in the United States, the film has, to date, no release date in France.