Is this a way to save time? Find another candidate to the succession of Frédérique Bredin, part for 62 years without asking his remains and at the end of his second term on the 12th of July last?

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The appointment of Olivier Henrard, general manager of CNC, as acting chairman of this authority to regulate, support and promote the French cinema, is a way in any case to the minister of Culture, Franck Riester, to calm down the game. And to extinguish part of the fire has been smouldering since Dominique Boutonnat, very close to Emmanuel Macron, seems to hold the rope to take the head of the national Center for cinema and the animated image.

He is accused to the producer without much relief (he produced through the company Electrick Films as films confidential) its report made public on 13 may. A text which recommends to mobilize new private investors in the financing of cinematographic creation. And so to see “national champions” with new goals of profitability. A measure that is of concern to a large part of the film, fearing that they would attend a liberalization of the system of financing of cinema.

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A “major donor” to the campaign of Emmanuel Macron

Jacques Audiard, Nicole Garcia, Robin Campillo, Catherine Corsini, Michel Hazanavicius, Cédric Klapisch, Noémie Lvovsky or Arnaud Desplechin… More than seventy filmmakers have signed an article in The French Movie to say, their fear and the risk of patronage that underlies the possible appointment of Dominique Boutonnat. “As the leak of documents known under the name of MacronLeaks revealed, it is one of the first supporters and “major donors” of the presidential campaign of Emmanuel Macron in 2016″, underline the signatories of this forum.

In a previous article published in The World , eleven professional organizations representing the independent film and 800 professionals had already expressed concerns of this report, and other text, released beginning of June by the member of parliament for The Republic In Walk, Marie-Ange Magne, advocating for an increased control and a cap of the fees allocated, which fund the CNC. Two reports for, according to them, focusing on the business logic at the expense of creativity.

Boutonnat will wait

The appointment of Olivier Henrard, accompanied by delegation of signatures, allows according to the press release of the ministry of Culture to ensure the continuity of public service and ensure all decisions necessary for the proper operation of the CNC. As the note at The French Film, this appointment “also suggests that the appointment of the next chair should not intervene at the next Council of ministers, on 17 July”. Boutonnat will wait.

Frédérique Bredin, president of the Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC), has appointed Olivier Henrard as general manager of CNC to succeed Christophe Tardieu, the other candidate to the head of the CNC, from which the name is often cited.

Councillor of State, a specialist in cultural policies, Olivier Henrard began his career in the Directorate of cultural affairs of the City of Paris, from 1994 to 1999. He was successively a councillor, and then deputy director of the cabinet of the minister of Culture and Communication (2007-2009) and councillor for culture of the presidency of the Republic (2010-2012). Prior to joining the group SFR, as general secretary. In the course of his career, he has led the development and implementation of several pieces of legislation relating to intellectual property and cultural industries.