To communicate with the dead members of the Royal family psychic trying to break into the Kremlin

In the center of Moscow detained the man who came to settle in the Kremlin is a psychic after talking with members of the Royal family.

As reported “MK”, 38-year-old man with a diagnosis of schizophrenia, who was a resident of Barnaul, said he set up a meeting at the Spassky gate.

Mental illness, according to the newspaper, came to men after a bad breakup with his wife. At some point he began to say to the mother that has the gift of foresight and was torn to Moscow. According to the psychic, he communicated with the dead members of the Romanov Royal family.

In the end, the mother who failed to find the son of the house, found that he came for treatment in Moscow spetsklinike them. Gannushkina.

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