The next film from Martin Scorsese, The Ir ishman , with the legendary duo of Robert De Niro-Al Pacino, will only output very limited in movie theatres in the u.s. prior to its dissemination through the platform Netflix, which the product.

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The shooting of this film of gangsters very expected to cost $ 175 million. With such blockbusters, Netflix tries to make himself a place in the industry of traditional cinema, while seeking to defend its economic model that favours, since its creation, its platform rather than to the cinema. A strategy which makes to cringe to Hollywood, where some, such as the director Steven Spielberg, insisting that the films made for platforms streaming to be declared ineligible at the Oscars, the awards supreme cinema.

Currently, the rules of the awards stipulate that a film must be projected for at least seven days in the Los Angeles area to be able to compete. Keen to combine his commercial interests with his ambitions for the academy awards, Netflix has announced on Tuesday that The Irishman would be released in the U.s. in a few theaters in Los Angeles and New York on the 1st of November, and then in the other rooms, american and british on the 8th November.

The film Martin Scorsese will be available everywhere in the world on Netflix from the 27th of November. According to the specialized press, The Irishman should be mostly screened by the cinemas, the major networks have insisted, in vain, to have the film at least 90 days before release to other media, as is the chronology of media american.

Netflix has recently joined the other major Hollywood studios in the Motion Picture Association of America, a powerful inter-professional association of the sector. The platform won a big success this year at the Oscars with the film Rom a , of mexican director Alfonso Cuaron, with three statuettes. Roma had benefited from a release of 23 days, in addition to his streaming broadcast. On Tuesday, Netflix also announced the release of a dozen films that should be able to compete at different price points cinema this season, among which The Laundromat , directed by Steven Soderbergh, with Meryl Streep, Gary Oldman and Antonio Banderas, or Dolemite is My Name , who will sign the return of Eddie Murphy in the foreground. These ten films released in cinemas for a duration of between one week and one month.

The Irishman – Teaser