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To honor a sister who died without a heart transplant, girls launch a lemonade stand

Makenzie Madsen, West Jordan, Utah, died last summer at the age of 14 while she waited for a heart transplant.

Two little girls run a lemonade stand and the proceeds go to organ donation in memory of their sister.

Makenzie Madsen, a West Jordan, Utah teenager, died last summer while she waited for a heart donor. Her sisters, now celebrating her life and memory, donated proceeds from their sweet sidewalk business to others in need of organ transplants through DonorConnect, an organization that coordinates, registers, and maintains donor registries.

Monica Madsen was Makenzie’s mom and shared her story with FOX News of Makenzie. Monica said that Makenzie inspired her younger sisters Makayla Madsen (7 years old) and Myleigh Madsen (9 years old) to set up the lemonade stand.

Makenzie was born congenitally with heart disease. Madsen stated that Makenzie had to have a transplant at the age of 1. Madsen added that her heart got weaker as she grew older.

Madsen was admitted to the hospital after she suffered from heart failure in 2019. She was placed on the heart transplant waiting list. Madsen explained that she suffered cardiac arrest at home a few months later and was given CPR when her kidneys failed.

Madsen stated, “Thankfully, she was able to bring it back, but then, she ended up on both heart and kidney transplant lists, where she waited almost one year in the hospital, but it never came in time.”

Makenzie passed away July 13, 2020. __S.11__

Makenzie’s family and sisters love her lemonade stand. Madsen explained that Makenzie was a baker and sold sweet treats outside of her home growing up. Madsen added that her sisters made it a point to continue her passion for selling cakes pops and other sweets to support a worthy cause.

“In memory of our sister Makenzie, and all the donors. Say yes to organ donation’,” Kenzie wrote on a sign at the lemonade stand in Makenzie’s favorite color, teal.

The community showed their support by donating $50 to make lemonade. Myleigh reported that one person donated $50 to Fox News.

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