An offering to the temple of indecency? In an interview with the daily Greek, Ta Nea , the director of the British Museum, Hartwig Fischer, has attracted a great deal of controversy in finding that the taking of the marbles of Eldin was “a creative act”. Stored in London, there are many, starting with the Greeks, to estimate that these works were stolen by the United Kingdom.

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In this interview, the museum’s director was asked about a possible return of the marbles in Greece. According to him, there is no question, because the museum would offer a different approach in the way we interact with the marble, “because the objects are placed in a new context”.

To this he adds: “We should enjoy this opportunity. And you could of course, be saddened by the fact that the environment moose statues has disappeared. However, when you move a cultural heritage in a museum, you move it elsewhere. But this change is also a creative act.”

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The newspaper attempting to justify it with Hartwig Fischer as the works of the German historian claims to have been displaced from their places of origin, the Parthenon, in the present instance, has received a response even more surprising on the part of the latter. “There is nothing that we appreciate to the Acropolis Museum, which has not been created for the Acropolis Museum. Actually, the works are close to their original environment, but they have been displaced, and therefore transformed,” said Hartwig Fischer.


in the Face of these about the world the art has not failed to respond. This is the case of George Vars, secretary-general of the International Association for the reunification of the statues of the Parthenon, which in the course of several tweets expressed his anger.

“Seriously. That can be creative in the destruction of the temple and the looting of one of the core nations of the ancient history”, he wrote in a first publication.

and Then, in a second message, it considers that the comments made by Hartwig Fischer is a “historical revisionism arrogant and amazing”. Before adding that “the condescension of the British Museum knows no bounds”.

For his part, the minister of Culture of greece, Myrsini Zorba, has condemned last Saturday a “mentality of management narrow and cynical”. She continues: “It is unfortunate to hear this from the director of the British Museum, renowned historian. His remarks degrade a cultural heritage of outstanding universal value to a simple sale on the stock exchange.”

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To attempt to extinguish the controversy, a spokesman for the british museum said that,”Hartwig Fischer had expressed a position that the British Museum holds a long time.” “We believe that it is extremely beneficial to the public to be able to see these wonderful objects in the context of a global collection. The museum borrows regularly works all over the world, sometimes long-term, but not indefinitely,” continues the spokesperson.

However, an English law states that it is forbidden for the British Museum to give the marbles to their country of origin. The leader of the Worker party, Jeremy Corbyn, has nonetheless declared that it would make the sculptures to Greece, if his party is elected in the next elections.